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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unit 4 resources are up and running

Hello teachers!

Resources for grades 1-6 have been posted.

Grade 1, Clothes
Grade 2, buildings and places
Grade 3, Animal Habitats
Grade 4, Health and Safety
Grade 5, Shopping for Clothes
Grade 6, The Future

Remember, this blog is for you so if you have a good resource
that you would like to share, just email it to me and I'll be
happy to post it.

Just added, check out the links on the right side of this blog
I have many more useful links for you.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home Made Coupons are Here!

If you are running low or have not had any coupons
to give to your students this year, the wait is over.

I have made some coupons that look very similar
to the Scholastic coupons that we have been using.

They look pretty good if you ask Preeda to print them
on the departments multi-colored paper.  

Download here or I have the template in my classroom #23.
If you send me your email, I can send it to you.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Unit 3 Resources

Hello teachers!
Unit 3 resources are up and running for grades 1-6.

If you are having trouble downloading just click on
the link above the scribd window and it will take
you to the scribd website where you can download
in many formats (ms word or pdf).

If you have any questions or comment just let me know.

good luck
 T. Darryl

IEP Friday Lunch

The lunch in the teachers office last Friday was great.
Hungry teachers enjoyed real cole slaw, mac-n-cheese
and beef on raisin buns. Yum!

A special thanks to T. David and the Thai staff
for organizing this event.