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Grade 6 Code Breaking Activity

I had been teaching my grade 6 class for many years and I wanted to try a new fun activity with them instead of the old worksheets and exercises out of the workbook. So I was surfing the net and I found this site:

It is a wonderful site for kids with many activities. It was similar to the unit material we were studying which was codes and symbols. I wanted to have the students do an activity where I wasn't looking over their shoulder teaching them every little grammar point. I wanted to explain the rules and goals of the activity once then just have the students go for it. I also wanted the activity to last for an entire class period and just one of the activities from the site was not long enough. So I chose 5 activities from the site, modified them, and added a self assessment at the end of the activity. Please have a look at the following pictures, video, and documents below.

This is a reader booklet that I created for this activity. It is based on real spy stories from news media. "Sushi and Spies"

Here is a slideshow of my grade 6 students enjoying this activity.

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