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Webinars/Professional Development

 I have created this page for webinars or seminars for the web. If anyone has ideas, resources, or special training they would like to share with other educators for professional development.

 Upcoming online conference sponsored by the British Council 

The Teaching for Success Online Conference will take place from 5 - 9 October 2016 and is the British Council’s first global online CPD conference for teachers and teacher educators. Registration is free. A link to more information about the conference is below.

The regional TESOL conference will be in Khon Kean Thailand this January 2016. For more information click on the link below.


Here is the big one. The largest conference in our industry. TESOL 2016. Click on the link below for more information.


Sorry for the poor scans of these fliers for these events. Chulalongkorn University and the Japan Association of Language Teachers both have upcoming events for professional development. For more information please click on the links below. 


Would you like to attend a conference but don't have the funds? It is a hassle getting time off work, and making travel arrangements to attend these events. The TESOL International Association can help.
There are many travel grants and scholarships available to those who qualify. Click on the link for more details. 

Even if you can't attend, many of these conferences have live streaming video of selected speakers and workshops.   

Two upcoming events that are sponsored by the TESOL International Association. The links to each event are under their respective banners.


I recently participated in the Thailand TESOL conference on January 29th-31st 2015.
The conference was entitled "English Language Education in Asia: Reflections and Directions" Please have a look at the materials I have gathered here. This is just a sample
of the materials that are available. If you would like to view certain items in greater detail
please visit T. Darryl in IEP room 26, or I can email materials to you or place them in your folder on the department server.

This is the conference handbook it has important information
such as Biographies and contact information of presenters as well as valuable resource information for language educators. 

Here is the conference program of events. It is a complete listing of presenters.
if you would like more information on any event or speaker please see T. Darryl
for the handbook.

The good people at Thammasat University Language Institute have posted videos of the speakers at the Thailand TESOL Conference 2015. Check out the LITU you tube channel for more videos of the TESOL conference. Here is Dr. Surin Pitsuwan's keynote address. 

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