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Sunday, May 25, 2014

E-Learning at the IEP

IEP LS3 Online Course

LS3 has offered online materials for three years. Although our patchwork of blogs and html pages was not bad for what it was, we are now using Moodle, which fixes all the glitches and offers infinite possibilities.

Moodle is an advanced e-learning platform and learning management system used by schools, universities and businesses all over the world.

Some typical features of Moodle are: video/audio/text access, file upload/download, online quizzes, assignment submission, discussion forum, grade book, instant messaging, online calendar, online news/announcements and wikis.

This is not simply a blog where students go to get the topic for their latest writing assignment. Students actually do work, receive feedback, interact and communicate within the Moodle environment. Furthermore, Moodle becomes an effective presentation tool within the classroom.

One very important thing to know is that Moodle does not offer course content. Teachers must create it. Therefore is it a big investment of teacher time, knowledge and expertise to set the courses up. Fortunately this year LS3 has the best team of teachers in its history. Not only are they interested in the possibilities Moodle offers, but they are also very enthused about Thailand, BCC and the students we are privileged to serve.

Administrators and interested persons are invited to contact IEP-LS3 Coordinator David Cherry for a username and password to access our online courses and have a look.