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Saturday, March 6, 2010

About this Blog From Webmaster Darryl

Hello Teachers!

Welcome to the BCC/IEP Digital Resource Room.
A new blog website where teachers from our department
can share resources, teaching tips and Ideas.

I am just starting this blog site so please be patient while I
continue to add to it.

The features I have added so far are:

"Pages" where you can go to a special page for your
grade level and see what new resources there are for that
unit and week.

"Google search" gadget so you don't have to open a new page to do a search.

"Clock/calender" gadgets so you won't be late for class.

"Become a follower" when you register as a follower you can get alerts
from this blog to your hotmail or google account when new content is added.

"Commenting" you can write a comment for me or others on this blog.
just click on the word comments and start writing.

"Excellent Links" These are links to other useful websites related to our profession.

"Face Book Badge" Check out my face book page with this direct link.

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