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Saturday, February 27, 2016

More great Ed Tech for your class room.

Once again I found these sites and applications on by Richard Byrne. I will focus on 2 sites one for writing and one for timelines. Be  sure to check out the links below because Richard has multiple links to similar apps. 

On you can create interactive writing assignments in a couple of ways. You can create fill-in-the-blank activities that provide students with instant feedback as they work. The other style of writing assignment that you can create on Wizer is an interactive image assignment. You can upload an image and have students label it. As they write their labels they can receive feedback as to whether or not they labeled the image correctly.

Next up is an application from that lets you use interactive maps to teach historical events. Obviously this would be great for history classes but you might be able to adapt it for a language classroom. We recently had exams at my school with such content containing historical figures such as Amelia Earhart, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln and this app would have made the activity much more meaningful. 
This app would be great for timelines and to show where and how events played out. 


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